Deciding booth types

We get asked a lot about the different type of booths there are and what we offer so I’m going to briefly explain.
There’s enclosed booths and open or studio booths.
Enclosed booths have been around a bit longer and are the traditional box type booths that you’re probably used to seeing at the supermarket or train station to get your passport photos done.
Open booths are more open plan. Generally they consist of exactly the same equipment; background, camera, touch screen, lights, printer and camera but instead of being housed in a small box it’s more open plan.
We only offer the open style booth. I’ve been a photographer for over 20 years and in my opinion it offers a far superior experience and quality of photo for two main reasons. Firstly I can use professional studio flash lighting. And I use two sources of light which gives a more even and controlled light compared to a single source pointing straight at you. Secondly because most of the elements that make up the booth are free standing I can be much more flexible with the floor space I take up whilst still getting up to 20 people standing in the shot.
You really are hiring a portable studio and my expertise as a professional photographer for the evening. I don’t just let you get on with it but will arrange you into nice looking groups so everyone can be seen.
For more information on my set up and the benefits of my system please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact page

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